Living as an international in a foreign country, and finding yourself unable to express yourself the way you would at home, can be hard. Especially when it comes to your health. We, the general practitioners of Utrecht, are here to answer your needs and questions.

Find a GP

On this website (in Dutch) you can look for a GP in your own neighbourhood.

GP post

For urgent medical care outside office hours, please contact our general practitioners post (Spoedpost)

088 – 130 96 70 .

In case of life threatening emergencies however, please dial 112.

Website GP post (in Dutch)
Information for students

Studentenzorgwijzer.nl is a website for all students who currently (or soon will) live in Utrecht and who have questions about their health.
Usually you don’t really think about it, but do you know who to turn to if you suddenly fall ill or get injured? Or simply when you feel a bit lost? For example, have you registered with a GP in Utrecht? On this website we explain how the Dutch healthcare system works, and answer all of these questions along with any others you may have.
The website was created in collaboration with Sterkzorg, gemeente Utrecht and VIDIUS.

Understanding your needs

H4i Utrecht
Language barriers, negotiating a health insurance, and a different Dutch Medical system. These are some of the challenges that internationals face.


We are taking our time to listen to you
We offer an extended intake consultation of 20 minutes to ensure that we fully understand your concerns and expectations.

We have studied the differences in world health care systems to better understand where you come from.


We also offer other medical and paramedical facilities, such as a physiotherapists, psychologists and pharmacists.

These specialists work together to provide  the best health care to over 70.000 patiënts from different centers located in Utrecht. Research shows that this does not always meet the needs and expectations of internationals.  Healthcare for internationals (H4i) Utrecht has developed health care service tailored to the needs of internationals.

General information

Scheduling an appointment
When you call  to make an appointment, the GP’s assistant (doktersassistente) will ask questions to determine the urgency of your situation.

The GP’s assistant is a trained professional withobligatory confidentiality. The questions are asked for better preparation, to suggest alternatives, or  to check if immediate action is required.

Home visits are only meant for urgent cases or incase you are  incapable of visiting. Normally a regular consult with a GP is limited to 10 minutes. However, at H4i Utrecht a consultation can be extended to 20 minutes.

If you wish to be seen by your GP after a recent hospital admittance, please contact the assistant.


Cancelling an appointment
You may cancel an appointment  by calling the GP’s assistant. Please let us know in time! If you have a 10-minute appointment, you can cancel this up to two hours in advance. If you have a longer appointment you need to cancel 24 hours in advance. Otherwise we will charge € 25.

Read more  or take a look at our brochure Healthcare in The Netherlands to learn about differences in health care systems.